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Corin Giles is Evolution's creative spark, his production skills and abilities will ignite your imagination.

Corin can 'produce for the ear' and will easily get the best out of any musician, turning an indistinct sound into an audio reality.

Corin was XFM's Live Session Producer (1999 - 2003), where he recorded over 900 bands including Joan Armatrading, Coldplay, The Darkness, The Flaming Lips and The Cure to name a few. During his time at XFM, he developed relationships with many key players from within the industry and is highly respected for his recording skills and production methods.

Corin has also recorded the accredited 'Capital Gold Legends Live’ series. These concerts were broadcast to millions across the UK and online on the Capital Gold network. Artists such as Jools Holland, UB40, INXS, Simple Minds, The Hollies and many more were all recorded, mixed and mastered by Corin.

Corin's abilities with production software are also widely recognized. He has developed skills that even the supplier's own software writers and demonstrators could not achieve.

He will get the sound you want - no question.

Simple Minds
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